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Click here to access details of School Term Dates for UK schools for 2012 - 15

UK  Term Dates

Overseas Teachers Job Seeeking Sevice

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t What is it and how do you tackle it?

Australian Teachers: 

We have developed special links with our representatives in Australia whom you can call on at any time for more detailed advice on teaching in the UK. 

E-mail us initially at info@total-teaching.co.uk and we'll put you in touch.

For those Australian teachers already in the UK - stay in touch with home by reading The Sydney Morning Herald or ABC here.

Personality Test

A test where you discover if you are a Big Thinker, an Idealist or another of 16 personality types.

Promotion in teaching:  Becoming frustrated at your lack of progress in seeking further promotion?  We'd like to help.  Our service is free so give us a call today on         01707 328637

Model CV available.


Total Teaching provides the definitive professional resource for all UK and overseas teachers.     We have particular experience in successfully placing teachers from Australia and New Zealand and have developed strong links with our partners in those countries.

Our expertise is in finding good job offers in schools where teachers are able to develop their full potential.

In many cases, our teachers from abroad have gone on to achieve full UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) which has enabled them to develop their careers and gain posts of responsibility.

In order to provide professional standards of support for all our teachers , we have provided instant access through our web site to a superb range of educational sites which have all been vetted by our experienced staff.

Our Teaching Vacancies section provides a personal service second to none, to assist teachers from home and abroad to obtain the post of their choice.

We have access to Local Education Authority Web sites where far more jobs are advertised than ever appear in the National papers or specialist publications such as the Times Educational Supplement.

A specialist advice service is also provided free of charge not only for those seeking promotion but also to those teachers from home and abroad requiring help and advice in getting their first teaching post.

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